Saturday, September 4, 2010

Backyard Breeders

Many people do not understand what the problem is with "back yard breeding (BYB)".  My list could go on and on but I will share the story of O'Ryan and his littermates Willow, Gracie, and Lilly.

A volunteer of our rescue, Pam,  contacted us saying she was contacted @ a litter of puppies a a backyard breeder near her no longer wanted.  The full story is unclear but it we knew the puppies were only @ 8 weeks old.  Pam agreed to take the puppies in and foster them.  When she went to pick the puppies up she was given 3 puppies (2 females and 1 male) who were all infested with fleas and worms.  The "breeder" kept 1 female puppy to use for breeding.  None of the puppies had received any vet care.
They were named O'Ryan, Gracie and Willow.
This was the day they were rescued:

O'ryan seemed to be in the worst shape of the three.  He ended up being rushed to the Emergency vet his first night in foster care due to being extremely lethargic and being in respiratory distress.  He ended up spending a week in the hospital and was diagnosed with a heart condition called bicuspid valve dysplasia.  Things were touch and go with him to start but he has since made a wonderful recovery.  While he still has his heart condition the vet feels on medication he will still live a long, healthy and normal dog life! If he had remained with the breeder he certainly would have died.

This was O'Ryan when he was rescued in June/July. 

This is a picture of O'Ryan when I finally got to meet him @ 2 weeks ago.

O'Ryan was very lucky and his foster mom (and rescuer) decided he would get to stay with her family forever.  They have officially adopted him :)

Gracie and Willow were also sick with kennel cough but after a couple weeks were well enough to be adopted.  They were also very lucky and the wonderful family who came out to adopt 1 of them decided they were able to take both.
This is Gracie and Willow:

Now I had mentioned that there was one more pup kept by the breeder to use for future breedings.  Well @ 2 weeks ago Pam got another call from the BYB saying they couldnt handle the puppy anymore as she was too much work.  She immediately made arrangements to pick her up.  She arrived to find "Lilly" chained outside.  We took her in and she went right to the vet since at 12 weeks old she had received no vet care.   Luckily there were no major issues and Lilly was placed in another foster home nearby. She is doing great and even gets to have playdates with her brother O'Ryan.  It sounds like her foster home may be adopting her as well.

If you are going to breed you need need to be financially prepared to handle and care properly for the puppies you are producing.  This really is just one example of why it is so important to spay and neuter your pets! 

I can only hope these people are not still breeding.