Monday, August 30, 2010

Photo time..

In my last post I mentioned how everyone has something they can offer to rescue.  Photography is my passion and I found this was something I could offer to shelters and rescues.  So many times if you look at dogs petfinder photos they are not so great (dogs in cages, barely looking at the camera, blurry, etc..).  I have been doing photos for the weim rescue for awhile not and more recently have begun doing it for the Burlington County Animal Alliance and hope to get into the Burlington County Shelter as well in the near future taking petfinder photos of their dogs. 

Here is the crew I got to photograph last weekend.  Im going to post with their petfinder links- the petfinders prob havent been updated w/ my pics yet bc I just emailed them out tonight.



Not sure who this one is... :(

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Where to begin...

I started this blogging thing a few weeks ago with a fun blog for my dogs.  Its more of a silly and goofy spot where I can share stories and photos (being that Im a photographer I take TONS of photos) of the adventures of Grayce and Danger.  One day I hijacked their blog to post photos of a few rescue dogs I did petfinder photos for and it gave me the idea to start another blog just to share the stories of my experiences working with rescue.

I hope this blog will inspire people to help in whatever way they can to help.  Whether it be adopt instead of buy a dog, spay and neuter a pet,  foster for their local rescue, volunteer at your local shelter once a month, transport a dog or just become more aware of why rescue is so important and help to educate others.   You may think there is not much you could do- but trust me there is A LOT you can do!

I will probably share a lot of happy ending stories but there will be times I share stories that may not end so happy- but that is the reality of rescue and I want this blog to be true to life- not sugar coated.

I will start this blog off with one of my favorite rescue stories from this past year.  As a photographer I get the wonderful experience of meeting so many of our rescues dogs and trying to capture their story in pictures.  I have had the privelage of of following Busters story right from the beginning.  I got a phone call about a severely deformed puppy in VA that needed our rescues help while I was out with some friends.  I will never forget that night bc while I was outside on the phone trying to arrange details for Busters transfer into our rescue someone stole my wallet from my purse!  It was all worth it- Buster's story is one with a happy ending that people all over the world donated and helped with.  He's a wonderful example of what can be done when a lot of people pitch in and do a small part and in the end accomplish something huge.  

This is the story of Buster (get out the tissues).....

Buster is just one of many...